Virtual Internships for Fall

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Virtual Internships for Fall

It’s officially ALMOST FALL can you believe it?! School is starting, the air is turning cooler (in some places), and that carefree and productive summer is a thing of the past. With school in full swing, the chance of getting an internship can feel a little hopeless and overwhelming. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Fall internship, but the process feels overwhelming with school starting, consider a virtual internship!

The application process is easier, the interviews are done from your home, and you can work from wherever you want (coffee shop, library, your bed!), making it super easy to fit into your schedule. In addition, taking a virtual internship provides you access to a lot of companies and experiences you wouldn’t normally have access to! As always, make sure to reach out to us if you’ve applied to any of our featured internships so we can make sure the company knows about you. Also, remember to include a personalized resume and cover letter for your best shot at getting hired. Good luck!


PR/ Marketing Internship at Border Free Travels

Business/ Marketing Internship at Primacy Suites

Social Media Internship at Style Girlfriend

Content Marketing Internship at Stuntman’s Guide

Business Development Internship at Tampon Tribe

Social Media Internship at Miles High Productions

PR Internship at Ruby Media Group

Graphic Design Internship at Ruby Media Group

Social Media Internship at Ruby Media Group