Visual CV: A Social Resume Experience

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Visual CV: A Social Resume Experience

Jessica Bedore is a senior Campus Ambassador from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.
As students and interns, we are all very familiar with resumes and how to create them. We receive countless pieces of advice about what should be included, what words to avoid and how everything on the document should be ordered. But, do you ever feel like your resume is nothing special? I looked at mine a few weeks ago and realized that it was just like every other resume-- boring, bulleted lists of my accomplishments. I was wishing that there were something completely different that I could do to display what I’ve done in college.

Then I really got thinking. I started wondering if a paper resume was even necessary anymore. I mean, who still sends an application in the mail for a job when we have email and social media? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an online hub where everything that you’ve done could ‘live’? Then I remembered my boss telling me about Visual CV.

I do realize that LinkedIn is one way that people can create and maintain an online profile about their work and education history. However, Visual CV is a little different because it is only focused on the resume and not with other things like networking. The site allows you to create a digital version of your resume, complete with videos, charts, audio, images and documents that present your qualifications in a compelling format.

Best of all, it’s really easy to connect Visual CV to all of your other social networking sites. When someone views your resume on Visual CV, they will instantly see all of the sites that you have a presence on and can easily access them just by clicking. The site also has excellent privacy controls, allowing you to make your resume completely private, viewable only with an invite or public. It’s completely easy to use and fairly quick. And—if you ever do end up needing to have a hard copy of your resume, the site automatically creates a printable version of what you have online. I would encourage you all to build a resume on the site. It shows that you are technologically talented and creative. Leave a comment below if you’ve used the site before. I would love to hear feedback.