Wanna Be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

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Wanna Be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

We&ve been getting tons of inquiries from students all of the world asking one thing - How do I become an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

InternQueen.com is home to one of the top campus brand ambassador programs in the country. Currently, InternQueen.com has key influencers at over 100 colleges and universites worldwide. See if you have what it takes to join our family!

We are looking for male and female students who are:

  • Graduating May 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015.
  • Involved, ambitious, and always seeking new opportunities!
  • Always thinking “how can I make the most out of this situation?”
  • Understand the value of social media and know how to use it to promote opportunities, brands, and products.
  • Active on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Have an influential voice on their college campus.
  • Understand the importance of internship opportunities and are ready to focus on their future!

To apply, email us here and tell us:

  • What school you go to and what year you graduate
  • Send us no more than one paragraph explaining when you graduate, your major, extra-curriculars, places you’ve interned, why you value internships, and why you think other students would like to read about your personal college experiences.

Once you do this, we will send you the rest of the information and help you become an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador for your school!