Want to become an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

Daily inspiration and advice for the ambitious savvy young professional

Want to become an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

The Intern Queen Campus Ambassador program provides a forum for driven college students to express themselves through professional networking, personal development, blogging, and peer-to-peer connections. They actively promote the Intern Queen message on over 100 college campuses worldwide. These students are bright, ambitious, and the future leaders of our nation.

We are looking for male and female students who are:

  • Graduating May 2013, 2014, or 2015
  • Involved, ambitious, and always seeking new opportunities
  • Great organizers and communicators
  • Always thinking “how can I make the most out of this situation?”
  • Active on social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • Influential on their college campus
  • Aware of the importance of internship opportunities and are ready to focus on their future!

What do they do?

  • Spread the word about InternQueen.com to their campus (and social network)
  • Blog and video blog once per month, which are posted on Intern Queen Blog
  • Participate in one Campus Ambassador contest each semester
  • Help us spread the word about our partner brands and test new products from brands we work with
  • Coordinate Intern Queen events on their campus
  • Provide feedback about new websites, ideas, brands, and products
  • Network with other Ambassadors and their connections!

Interested in applying? Send an email to hillary@internqueen.com with your name, school, and anticipated graduation date for application materials! All applications are due by March 1st.