Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

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Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week? blog image

Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

WOWZERS, do we have a lot coming up! I’ve been in the same city (Los Angeles) for the past two weeks getting everything organized for the business and for the upcoming Intern Queen Parties. I’m so happy that I was able to have some normalcy in my life – I went to the gym, went hiking, went to the grocery store, spent time with friends, and finished creating my home office (pics coming soon!) This week marks another two week travel trip filled with a hectic work schedule, family, friends, parties, and lots of fun.

Here is what’s on my agenda this week:

MondayEvery Monday morning we do a team analytics call where we go over our backend website numbers for both InternQueen.com and LaurenBergerInc.com. I have a pretty long to-do list for our Intern Queen Party in NYC including booking our interns' travel (yes, they get to come!), securing a few final speakers for our panel, and making sure we have what we need for our gift bags at the events. I’ll also go to the gym and... have my friends over for the Bachelor! I love that part of my Monday!

Tuesday: The plan is to wake up super early on Tuesday morning and do a new fashion photoshoot for LaurenBergerInc.com.  This is really my last day in the office and I need to take care of all loose ends for the Intern Queen Party. We also have a big announcement coming about this year’s #InternQueenParty!

WednesdayI head to Tampa, Florida on Wednesday, which is where I’m from. I’ll end up spending most of the day traveling due to the time difference, but I’m pretty good about getting a full-days’ work done from the sky. I’m crossing my fingers for a first class upgrade because I fly so much!

Thursday: I’ll work from home in Clearwater on Thursday and hopefully will just be reviewing and securing all last minute details for the Intern Queen Parties. Thursday night I’ll drive to Orlando for ScholarCon

FridayOn Friday, I speak at ScholarCon – I’m really excited for my first speaking engagement of the Fall 2014 season! If you’d like me to speak on your campus, please contact me HERE. After I speak at ScholarCon, I’ll spend the day working from O-Town. I’ll also get to see some old friends from the area, which is always fun!

Weekend: After a crazy week, I'm looking forward to hanging out back at home with my parents in Clearwater!

Phew! I've got a busy week ahead and another one after that. What does this week look like for you? Any big projects or events coming up? I'd love to hear about it! x