Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

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Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week? blog image

Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s a busy week here at Intern Queen, Inc. as it’s my last full week in my home office before I start traveling for another two weeks. Lately, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my life right now is probably going to consist of traveling every two weeks and I’m just going to have to deal with it. That is my work/life at this stage and it can be tough, but I’m working on balancing it as best I can.

Here is some insight into my week:

Monday: Starting at 7:30AM PST my day is packed with calls. Every Monday, I go over our website analytics for the week, our social media accounts, and do a quick scan/evaluation of our content. I’ll be on calls for most of the day until about 4PM PST. I’ll try to get to the gym and then host my closest friends for a Bachelorette watching party. We are finalizing some details for the Intern Queen Party today as well, so that’s very exciting!

Tuesday: I have a few LA business meetings on Tuesday so I’ll work from home in the morning and attend my meetings the second half of the day.

Wednesday: Work, work work! It's also time for our summer intern evaluations so I can give our 3 (amazing!) interns feedback, as well as learn how my team can give them a better internship experience as the summer continues. 

Thursday: Finalizing even more for this year’s Intern Queen Parties! More details being released this week via social media, so make sure you're following along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Friday: Serious prepping for the week ahead. I fly to Florida next Wednesday for a speaking engagement and then onto NYC and Washington DC!

There you have it! We've got a crazy week ahead as we finalize all of our Intern Queen Party plans while maintaining everything else we do to keep our "ship sailing smoothly," as I like to tell my team! What big projects are you working on this week? Is there anything cool going on that I should pay attention to? Let me know! x