Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

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Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week? blog image

Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

Happy Monday! On our new website, Lauren Berger, Inc., I talk a lot about the importance of balancing your personal and professional life. This week is definitely one of those weeks where I’ll be put to the balancing act test! I’m about to start traveling, but this time it’s not traveling for work – it’s traveling for my personal life.

I’m headed to Florida (where I’m from) to be in my friend’s wedding this weekend, spend time with my parents, and eventually head to the Northeast for a family member’s 4th of July wedding in New Hampshire! Intern Queen, Inc. will be closed on July 4th (but open all other days) so it will be up to me to get my work done and still spend quality time with friends and family – always a challenge!

Here is what my week looks like:

Monday: Working from the home office/IQ headquarters in LA. Planning for the weeks ahead and working on a fun surprise for our readers - stay tuned!

Tuesday: Last minute meetings in LA before I get on the road and start traveling again. 

WednesdayI’ll work from the airplane all day as I head to Florida. Just because I’m on the plane – doesn’t mean I can slack. 

ThursdayI’ll be working from Palm Beach, Florida. I’m also going to take a break to get my hair done – fun stuff!

FridayI’ll be working from Palm Beach again and eventually head to my friend’s rehearsal dinner where I’ll give a speech (not talking about internships for once!!)

Remember, if you haven’t gotten my new book yet, it will make a great 4th of July read! Check it out HERE.

X, Lauren Berger