Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?

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Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week? blog image

Want To Know What I'm Up To This Week?


Good morning everyone! I wanted to touch base with all of my readers and let you know what I’m up to for the week. I always have fans emailing me to ask what my schedule is like and how I do what I do. Here is a snapshot of the week I have ahead! I spent the weekend moving into a new place and I’m in the middle of decorating my new home office. I’ll post some photos when I’m done on my instagram and twitter accounts! Make sure you follow me to recieve updates and photos.

Intern Queen Schedule

Monday – I’ll be filming Take Part Live tonight from Los Angeles. It’s a great new show on the PIVOT network. Check it out HERE.

Tuesday – I’m excited to film for the first time with the FUSION LIVE for a segment they run called BOSS OF ME. It’s fun for me to get some screen time and talk about my new book, Welcome to the Real World.

Wednesday – Work, Work, Work – I’ll be in the office all day on Wednesday!

Thursday – Same thing. Excited to get some work in and plan this year’s Intern Queen Party!!

Friday – I’m headed to Orlando to participate in the UCF Alumni Conference in Orlando. As I’ve mentioned, it’s so important to get involved with your alumni network after graduation. I’m excited to meet fellow UCF-Alum!

Here’s to a great productive week for all of us!

X Lauren Berger