Warning: Intern-A-Holic

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Warning: Intern-A-Holic

As the Intern Queen, you could say that I'm addicted to internships. Or that when I was in college, I was addicted to internships. You might be an Intern-A-Holic if.....

1. You are currently a summer intern and spend most of your time looking for fall internships.

2. You're only a freshman or sophmore and you've already participated in an internship or two or three....

3. You are constantly looking up places to work & people you admire.

4. You tweet everyday and are very aware of your favorite employers & career/internship experts on Twitter.

5. You NEED to know that you have the coolest internships out of all of your friends.

6. You've already had bad experiences with the printer, copy machine, and coffee machine.

7. You've started blogging about your internship experiences.

8. You've already thought about where you want to intern Summer 2011...and maybe Summer 2012.

9. You aren't supposed to work on the weekends but can't help checking your intern email account and doing research for Monday.

10. You spend more than anyone you know thinking about internships, social networking, and your future.

What else ?