Ways To Cope With Rejection

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Ways To Cope With Rejection

In my new book, Welcome To The Real World, which comes out April 2014, I have a whole section about rejection and how to deal with it. Rejection is the biggest fear that young people have about the workplace. And it make sense - in the media, we don't usually read about people's failures - we read about their successes. But I promise, with every success - comes a rejection. If I hadn't been rejected countless times - I wouldn't be running the business that I am today. Here are a few ways that I deal with rejection:

1. Venting to people who can understand. When I deal with a rejection (related to my business), I try to vent about it to people who also run their own businesses. They have most likely been in my shoes and might be able to provide some insight or a "different" way of looking at the situation. I try not to vent to friends or family who might not understand the situation. Sometimes that just gets frustrating.

2. I use my emotion as power. There is nothing better than using your hurt feelings to power through a new project. When one door closes another door opens. So now it's your job to find that open door! Take a deep breathe and tell yourself what you are going to do now that one option didn't work out. Let your emotion fuel you!

3. Go Outside. Just got rejected? Take a minute. Get yourself outside and take a walk. If you have headphones with you, turn the music up, and walk it out. I have a rejection playlist on my phone that I listen to whenever I need to be "lifted up".

4. Have a Relaxation Routine. Make note of the things that make you feel good and relaxed. For me it's a cup of warm tea and walk around the block. Also, exercising or going for a run usually helps to level myself out. Don't be afraid to step away for a minute and do the things that you know make you feel better and help you relax.