Ways I Have Fun On A Budget

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Ways I Have Fun On A Budget

This is a guest post written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Alyssa, from University of Kentucky. Alyssa is a former InternQueen.com intern and just finished an internship with College Lifestyles!

If you&re a college student you know that most times all the “fun” things to do costs money. But it doesn&t have to. There are a ton of ways to still go out and have fun with friends without going broke. I recently moved into an apartment after a year and a half of dorm life. I couldn&t be happier except for the fact that the job hunt isn&t going exactly as planned. Many of you have probably been in the same boat. However, this isn&t going to stop me from having fun with friends.

Instead of going out to the movie theatre every weekend to see the newest movies, try getting together with a bunch of friends and have a movie marathon. Have everyone come over and bring some of their favorite movies or if someone has Netflix you can also watch some of the movies instantly.

As college students we seem to have a weakness for going out to eat instead of actually cooking. This can add up really quick and leave you with empty pockets before you realize it. Instead, plan a night once a month, or even once a week, to get together at a friend&s house or apartment and cook dinner! Everyone can bring a few items to cook with so the burden of buying all the ingredients isn&t on one person. This can be a great way to relax with friends and catch up. Craving pizza? It could be even better when it&s home made with friends!

Yes, we all love shopping and the excitement of a good sale but most of us don&t have that extra cash. Recently I&ve learned a great little secret most people don&t know about. Some companies, such as Charlotte Russe, announce sales on their twitter that you wouldn’t normally hear about. For example, some of their sales are for online orders only between certain hours. Great deals! So for those of us with a weakness when it comes to great shoes or a jaw dropping top, this little secret may help us save money while have a little retail stress reliever.