Ways to Save

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Ways to Save

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Saya Linden from the University of Central Florida.

Being a college student, you always have thousands of things running through your head a mile a minute. Whether it’s what classes to take, what internships to apply for, meeting critical deadlines, and now … financial issues?! We all have been there, struggling, trying to live off of that college life budget. When you’re so worried about keeping up with school, having a job, and even internships, managing your bank account can get pretty stressful, too! So, here is a little break down to keep in mind to help you save a penny or two!

1. Open up a savings account. Having a savings account will help you out in the long run. Slowly saving up money will be a nice little back up for when you graduate. This money can help you pay back student loans, put a down payment for a house once you graduate, or just to help pay all those bills!

2. Shop with only 10%. This is a challenging one, especially for me! I am guilty for wanting to shop ALL THE TIME! However, I know, as a college student, my money should be spent on more important things like rent, books, and bills! So, here’s a challenge for you! Try spending only 10% of your paycheck on little gifts for you! That way, you’ll help save up money, but you’ll also be able to treat yourself every once in a while! We deserve something nice every once in a while for all the hard work we do, right?! You just don’t want to be caught up spending all of your paycheck and then left with nothing. It is not a good feeling!

3. Pack a lunch. It can get pretty expensive eating out every day. Spending five to ten dollars a day on lunches can get pretty pricey. So, before you head out to work or campus, wake up a couple minutes early so you can pack yourself a nice, healthy lunch! That’ll help keeping your wallet thick of cash and your body healthy and nutritious!

4. The ultimate grocery list. Make a list of what you need from the store when you go grocery shopping. If you make a list and follow it, you are less tempted to walk down all the aisles, wondering what to get, and then throwing random pieces of junk food into your cart. If you make a list, you’ll be in and out of the store with only the items you really need and the food you’ll really eat. If I don’t have a grocery list, I tend to buy some foods that just end up sitting in the back of my fridge or pantry until it expires. Not a good way to waste away my money!

As a college student, we have a lot of things to stress about, so lets not make money issues one of our stress factors! We can manage our money, and if we manage it properly, there will be no problems! As long as you follow these guidelines and keep them in mind, you should be on the right path to becoming a wealthy college student!