We Are Women! Hear us Roar! Follow These Tips For Greatness!

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We Are Women! Hear us Roar! Follow These Tips For Greatness!  blog image

We Are Women! Hear us Roar! Follow These Tips For Greatness!

As the beautiful and talented icon, Marilyn Monroe once said, “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

I’d like to extend a thank you for Marilyn for her inspiring words. Digging deeper into the meaning, we have built a profound era that is ever evolving. Now, you may be thinking, “who exactly is ‘we’ that she is referring to?” Women! We, as women, are starting to become the foundation of Corporate America. As more and more women become successful in their industries, it’s important for us to learn some steps that we can take with us along our career path. I have created four key points for all women out there. Younger, older, no matter the age, we all have the potential to become successful prodigies!

Step 1: Research, research, research. Know your information! Know what you are talking about! Constantly surround yourself with individuals that have great insights and factual information about topics you’re interested in learning more about. Read books in your spare time. You could even read online if you prefer getting information over the Internet instead. Read the newspaper! The newspaper is a great and effective tool to catch up on some daily news. Once you put yourself on a consistent schedule of effectively researching through various media outlets, you will be caught up with daily news and more of a well-versed individual, who can keep up with the constant pressure of knowing what is going on around you!

Step 2: Get that dream internship. In today’s world, companies are not only looking for what college students learn in classroom settings, but also what they learn hands-on in corporate settings. Once you land an internship, make sure you build connections. Networking plays a key role in this entire process, and will continue to be crucial to you for your entire life. Start networking while you’re still in college, and build life-long friendships. While you’re at your internship, excel! Do your best and know that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Upon the completion of your internship, stay connected with your coordinators and/or supervisors. You never know whom someone else knows!

Step 3: Find a career path that you love. Use the helpful insights gained from your internship experience(s), and explore the various career paths that you’re interested in. Once you find yourself a job, work your absolute hardest! With our economy today, there are 20 people willing to snag your position right out of your hands. Therefore, try to stand out. Show your supervisor that you are a hard worker and possess just the right amount of skills that allows you to go above and beyond the general requirements of the position. When a supervisor sees the extra effort, it goes a long way! Over time, be sure to constantly develop and thrive to push forward. Whether you decide to stay at the company you’re currently in because maybe you got promoted, or maybe you want to try a new path for yourself, be sure to always improve your abilities, and stay focused.

Step 4: Dream big. Do not let anyone get in the way of you and your dreams. We as women are capable of doing anything that we want. If we want to become CEOs, then we surely can! Eliminate the notion that there may be a glass ceiling hanging above your hand. There is no such thing! You are talented, successful, and you WILL get to the top. The top for you may just be getting that one position you’ve always wanted within a company. Or, maybe the top for your is the top of the totem pole; the CEO of a company. You can do it! The minute you tell yourself that you cannot achieve this, then you will feel defeated. Put aside the pressure that you may feel, and focus on what is truly important to you. Be a believer, and dream big!

Now, you are ready! With these four steps kept in the back of your pocket, you will be able to place yourself far in front of the competition. Just remember to do your research, land that internship, find a career path that suits you, and dream big! Believe in yourself; never stop fighting for that spot that you want, and remind yourself that you CAN and you WILL be successful. Good luck!

This post was written by Kate Guberman, our Campus Ambassador from Rutgers. You can follow her on twitter at @katiegubs