"We Are...Sorry."

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"We Are...Sorry."

This blog is written by Mike, a former Intern Queen intern from Penn State.

I didn’t originally know how to properly convey my feelings regarding my beloved Penn State; a school that means more to me than any non-Stater could possibly imagine; a school that has become my family in more ways than one; a school that has instilled tradition and pride in me. A school that is now cloaked with shame, the center of national attention and misunderstanding. I’ve heard the phrase, “If you don’t go here, you wouldn’t get it”, go around this past week and as harsh as it may sound, it holds true.

We are not clueless to the horrific acts that took place. We are not disrespectful tyrants. We are not heartless individuals. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy that our Dear State has found itself in the center of. We are shocked that people we once looked up to could possibly be involved. We are grieving for the victims and their families.

On Friday, November 11th, I was part of the most powerful, emotional, and meaningful experience of my time here at Penn State. While holding a candle along with nearly 10,000 members of my Penn State family in honor of the victims, I realized in that moment what it meant to be a part of this school and what we truly stand for. One of the many inspiring speakers said, “In the real world, even heroes can fail.” And this is what happened. Our heroes let us down, and most importantly let the victims down. That night, we swayed together as one on the Old Main lawn singing our alma mater with one line being sang louder than any other: “May no act of ours bring shame.” We are hurting here in Happy Valley and I know of no eye that hasn’t cried blue and white tears during this trying time.

There is more to us than what is being portrayed by the media. There is more to us than those limited few who decided to be destructive. There is more to us than this scandal.

We Are….Penn State. And we are sorry.