Websites to Avoid at Work

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Websites to Avoid at Work

This blog post was written by Campus Ambassador and current Intern Queen intern, Alex Wetzel.

It is no secret that during your internship you are going to have some down time. There are two ways that you can choose to spend it – being productive by asking for more work, or surfing the Internet. I know sometimes it’s hard to fight the urge to spend hours online checking out the latest celebrity gossip, sports headlines or friends social media sites, but the workplace is not the place to indulge. Find out which sites you should avoid during your internship hours to keep yourself in good standing with your bosses and fellow employees.

1. Social media sites
It’s a proven fact that Facebook and Twitter are addicting. As social media grows more popular everyday, our busy lifestyles become dependent on it to keep in touch with our colleagues. Allow yourself 10 minutes in the morning or evening to catch up on all the latest news and touch base with you friends, and instead, spend your time at work researching the latest trends in your industry.
2. Sports websites
Not only are they distracting with eye catching pictures and videos, but it can become a point of contention between you and your coworkers if you are both fans of rival teams. This could then lead to a heated and opinionated discussion, that no one wants to see or hear. Leave your love for sports at the door upon entering the office.
3. College Websites? (and I don’t mean your school’s homepage either.)
Avoid frequenting sites at work that deal with the typical “college lifestyle” – partying, boys/girls, sports, skipping class - whatever else that could be considered a negative in your employers eyes. It is important to remember these sites can bring up controversial topics and conversations. Save yourself the trouble and avoid them all together.
4. Personal email
Your personal email can harbor information that isn’t appropriate to open on a workplace computer. Whether it is a funny joke from your brother or an email that contains confidential information, the risk you run when opening these emails is very high. Also, these emails can carry viruses without you even knowing it. Avoid personal emails at all costs on your work computer – there is a reason why they are called personal, not workplace.

Avoiding these websites at work will allow you to work more efficiently and be a productive employee. Ultimately, opting not to spend time on these sites at work will help you to keep a good reputation within your office. That way, if you are interested in applying to a full time position with that company, you will have a clean record and your chances for hire will become greater.