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Weekend Must

Go ahead, get lost.

You know that favorite cafe of yours? Don’t go there this weekend. Make it your mission to discover something new. Trying new things not only opens the door to new exciting experiences but also is an easy way to push out of your comfort zone. I recently did just that and discovered some places that have become my new favorites.

Looking up restaurants that cater to your preferences is a great way to start. You can read reviews on UrbanSpoon.com for just about any restaurant and HappyCow.net for restaurants that provide healthy or vegetarian options.

Even better though would be to literally get lost. Exploring neighborhoods or walking into restaurants you’ve never been in before can lead you to trying something you may have never found on the web. I love exploring new areas because I always find a boutique or café that I never would have known about otherwise.

This blog was written by Kaitlyn Smith, our Campus Ambassador at Drexel University. She is a Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations. You can follow her on twitter: @Kaitlyn_Perez.