What to Bring the First Day of Your Internship

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What to Bring the First Day of Your Internship

What To Bring on The First Day of Your Internship

27 01 2009

The first day of your internship can be nerve-racking. You don’t know who you will meet, how they will treat you, and what to expect. I put together a list of things that students should bring with them to their internships. Read this over and bring everything I mention. As always, best to be overprepared. Think of this as your “Internship First Day Survival Kit”. 

Good luck !

xo The Intern Queen.

What To Bring On The First Day of Your Internship

Notebook: In your notebook, you should write down the following information before your internship begins:

  • Information about the parking situation. DO NOT wait until the first day of your internship to find this out. This will cause you to be late. Make sure to get clear instructions from your coordinator the week before you internship and write them down in a notebook designated for internship information.


  • Any extra notes on the Dress Code. Unsure what shoes you can wear ? Make sure to ask any questions you might have about the dress code for the company before your first day. Listen and take notes the first time so you don’t have to ask multiple times. Be the intern that gets it right.


  • The company mission statement. Get this from the website. This will help you learn why the company is doing certain things and where they are headed. This will also allow you to see how your work is helping to acheive the company’s larger goals.


  • Put the company address in your notebook. Get in the habit of always  including cross streets when you write an address. This will come in handy as you continue on your career path. Also make sure you have the direct number for you internship coordinator in case you get lost or are running late. Don’t run late.


  • If you know anyone that works at the company, or have already made friends, write down their names and emails. You want to keep track of all of the people you meet.


  • Write down the company website. You want to appear very knowledgable about the company. If you are asked to go to their website that should be a no-brainer.

Folder: The folder is to make sure important documents that you bring and may recieve stay clean and uncrumpled. The following things should be kept in your Internship Folder:

  • Photo Copy of your Drivers Liscense/ID
  • Photo Copy of your Social Security Card
  • Any Passport/Visa documentation you might need (only applies if you are coming from another country)
  • Any past paperwork you have recieved from your internship coordinator
  • Your internship paperwork from your school counselor/career center
  • Any parking passes that you might need to later validate

In Your Wallet: You should have the following items in your wallet on the first day of your internship:

  • At least $15.00 cash for lunch on your first day
  • Drivers Liscense
  • Social Security Card
  • Credit Card (just to be safe)

Also bring a few Pens and Pencils to be ultra prepared. I also suggest bringing some sort of snack (nuts, fruit, granola bar) you never know when/if they will give you a lunch!


I asked my friends on Twitter for their “First Day” suggestions. Here is what they had to say:

“Interns should always bring an upbeat attitude to take on whatever is thrown their way.” @TodaysMama, http://www.todaysmama.com/.

“A legal pad, pen, and a protien bar.” @AMCreations, Allison Martin, PR Grad.

“Bring an open mind, a smile, a good attitude and a pen. Anything not specified will probably be provided.” @DavidSpinks, Student and Web Enthusiast, http://davidspinks.com/.

“One thing that interns should NOT bring is a cell phone glued to their ear. I remember one gal on her phone the whole 1st day.” @JamesFreudo, http://blog.jvf.com/.

“They should bring a big book to write down the things they learn. Also a bottle to fill it with water.” @jjamie, Blogger, Internet Lover, http://brkopp.wordpress.com/.

“Enthusiasm, interest, patience and maybe a snack bar or something.” @Luzemanek, Luanne Zemanek, Graphic Designer, http://www.typedes.com/.

“Ask your supervisor to do introductions,and if he/she doesn’t, do them yourself. People will see you’re open and ready to help!” @CCCallahan, Student, http://colleencallahan.wordpress.com/.

“A notepad and pen, and comfy shoes in case they’re running errands!” @MarieClaire, Marie Claire Magazine, http://www.marieclaire.com/.

“A can do attitude and enthusiasm to work hard and learn.” @panah, Entrepreneur, http://www.bloggingot.com/.

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