What the Diet? - A Look at Different Types of Diets

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What the Diet? - A Look at Different Types of Diets blog image

What the Diet? - A Look at Different Types of Diets

This blog was written by Hillary Pitts, our Campus Ambassador from Virginia Tech.

Recently, many people I know began to modify their diets drastically. Everyday, I was hearing a new type of diet that someone had adopted. Whether it be the Paleo diet or Pescetarianism, I decided to take a quick look at all the different diets I had heard of lately, and to hopefully answer some of your questions as well.

Paleo Diet- Also known as the "caveman diet". This diet mimics some of the earliest diets and goes back to the basics. It is thought to support a healthy and lean lifestyle similar to that of hunter-gatherers.

Pescetarianism- Pescetarians are vegetarians with one modification - they eat seafood. Whether it be fish or another sea creature, pescetarians allow these into their diets, but do not eat any other type of animal.

Veganism- Veganism is similar to vegetarianism, but does not allow for any animal products whatsoever. For example, vegans can not consume cheese, milk, or eggs.

Vegetarianism- I'm sure many of you are aware of this diet, but I added it to avoid confusion. Vegetarians can not eat meat or seafood. They base their diet mainly off of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

After hearing about all of these diets, you have to wonder why there is a need to modify your eating habits. The answer? It's really based on the person. Whether you decide to modify for ethical reasons, or because you want to feel better about what you're consuming - all of these diets have different benefits. It is really up to each individual to decide which of these diets, or others not listed, are best for their lifestyle.