What Every Intern Can Learn from Duchess Catherine

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What Every Intern Can Learn from Duchess Catherine blog image

What Every Intern Can Learn from Duchess Catherine

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Sarah Pontius.

When you were little and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, most girls answered with, “A princess.” I know I was one of those girls. Well, we do have a princess that is a true role model, both with her presence as well as with her impeccable fashion sense. With an office rather than a palace, interns can utilize the Duchess’s fashion essentials and learn how to dress like a royal.

• Dresses for the Workplace don’t have to be boring: The Duchess of Cambridge shows us time and time again that dresses that hit your knee can be beautiful and work perfectly for the workplace. Also, by experimenting with lace, patterns, and bright colors, she gives us a look that can be classic, fun and can also be used in a workplace.
• Pantyhose are not for old ladies: Pantyhose are essential for the workplace. They keep dresses and skirts in the right place without riding up as well as giving your legs an even tone, no complaints there. They keep you looking professional and protect you from a wardrobe mishap in front of your boss.
• Nude heels can work with every outfit and still be professional: By the duchess’s use of nude heels from red carpet events to meetings with the President of the United States, she shows how nude heels are versatile and can work with any outfit. So you can wear them to work one day and have them on hand for a fun girls’ night out as well.

Through Duchess Catherine, fashion doesn’t have to be boring for the workplace. Don’t be afraid of print and color because as long as they are in moderation, the office is a great place to try out these trends. Though becoming an actual princess is a hard thing to achieve, you can still dress like a princess everyday.