What To Expect From Your Internship

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What To Expect From Your Internship

What to Expect From Your Internship

19 12 2008


I wanted to take a moment to let interns know what they should expect during the first few days/weeks of their internships. A misconception that many students have is that they will be VERY BUSY at all times. Here are some tips that I put together:


  • EXPECT lots of downtown. Just as you are getting used to the new job, new tasks, new hours – the company and your boss is getting used to you. They might not be used to having an extra hand around the office so everyone needs time to adjust.
  • Don’t get frustrated after the first few hours on the job or internship because you aren’t given anything to do. Just wait patiently and give yourself and those around you the opportunity to get situated.Be prepared to outside your comfort zone in plenty of professional and social situations. High school isn’t over quite yet ! Be prepared to find new friends to lunch with and to explore the different social circles in the workplace.
  • Be patient while the LEARNING CURVE takes its course. Even though the people around you are used to the day-to-day in your new office doesn’t mean everything will click right away. It takes time to learn each companies individual systems in and around the office. Everyone keeps track of things like emails, phone sheets, and databases in different ways. Give yourself a break if you don’t get it right away.
  • Extra  It’s a NEW job. You don’t have to love it the first day and most likely you won’t. Don’t be so hard on yourself and make sure to give yourself credit and take the proper time to adjust.