What I Learned About Business Cards From Teen Vogue's Fashion University!

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What I Learned About Business Cards From Teen Vogue's Fashion University!  blog image

What I Learned About Business Cards From Teen Vogue's Fashion University!

Have you ever truly considered the design of your business card? Creating your business card is crucial to your future. You may end up in the elevator with your dream employer, and having the right business card that best expresses your brand could set you apart from other competitors.

I learned about the importance of branding a business card this past fall at Teen Vogue Fashion University. Every time talked to someone I was handed a business card. I ended up with a plethora of business cards, some creative, some with no creativity whatsoever. As I sat and looked amongst the business cards I received I noticed I put the boring cards to the side and spent extra time looking at the creative business cards. The business cards that were the most creative definitely expressed the brands of each individual that I met.

So, why is it vital to brand yourself with a business card?
It is important so that future contacts do not do what I did and discard the unappealing business cards. The first step to branding yourself is content. Deciding what to put on your business card seems like common sense, but in our digital age today there are other factors to keep in mind. If you have social media accounts such as twitter or a blog consider incorporating them into the content. Do not include social media accounts such as your Pinterest or Insatgram. With those in mind also be sure that your social media accounts are appropriate for a future contact to be viewing. Aside from adding in social media content to your business card it should always incorporate the following: name, major, university, address, phone number, and email.

The second step to branding yourself is the design of your business card. This is what really sets your business cards apart from others. Being creative is encouraged, but be sure the business card is still readable and appealing. You have the option of picking a design from hundreds of choices or completely designing a business card on your own. Get a second opinion once you have completed your design to check for any visual issues. The most creative and visual business card site that I have found is Moo.com. They have hundreds of options to choose from including the type of paper used, round or square corners, and even the option of having a mini business card. The website also features a create-your-own business card section that is extremely organized and allows you to design your business card down to the last detail. If possible, try and incorporate something that you have designed or photographed that will allow the employer to see your personal work.

Once you have decided on content and design, the final step to branding your business card is the structure of the business card. Structure the business card in a way that allows the eye to flow in a specific direction. Depending on the content you decide to add, putting your email or personal social media information on the back can be a great way to break up the space.

Take time to consider what you think will best express your brand, not just what looks over the top. Remember, this business card needs to represent you, not someone else. If you are not a creative person, use simplicity to your advantage. Be sure to consider fonts, colors, spacing and everything else in between!

After creating the business card that best suits you always be sure to have them on you wherever you go. Who knows, you could make a contact sitting in Starbucks!

This blog was written by Morgan Epperson, our Campus Ambassador from University of South Carolina.