What I Learned from Creating My Own Summer Gig

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What I Learned from Creating My Own Summer Gig

This is a guest blog post is from Jasmine Aspinall, a senior at Stony Brook University.

At the end of the spring semester, most of my friends were preparing their final interviews at notable PR firms and well-known television shows in New York City. Although I was incredibly proud and supportive of my friends, it daunted me as I thought about the prospects of my summer, which involved me working as a lifeguard and enrolling in summer courses at my university. I knew my summer couldn’t end at that and there had to be something more!

Around this time, I decided to contact my friends at Rocket Science Creative Labs. They’re a Brooklyn based clothing brand that designs, creates and produces all their clothing by hand. After 6 long weeks of summer classes I was thrown into a full-fledged “made from home” internship! Given my background in print journalism and interest in public relations, I was responsible for updating the company’s Twitter account, organizing over 200 business cards, street promotion and the occasional “pop-up shop” selling t-shirts in Soho, NY—out of the trunk of the Rocket Science car.

My involvement with Rocket Science allowed my summer to make a complete 180-degree turn. This inspired my outlook on balancing a career and social life. I learned through this self-made internship the value of making and maintaining good business relationships, the ins and outs of managing an up-and-coming company and the value of friendship.

Even though I didn’t work at an established company, being able to work with Rocket Science taught me to appreciate that any lessons learned are all valuable and can be applied to any job following.  I wouldn’t change the experiences I gained this summer because it gave me the right tools and foundation to go out and create opportunities for myself, especially because most aren’t given. Now I’m back-to-school entering my senior year and continue to spread word on the Rocket Science brand. Not only am I focused but incredibly inspired to always push the envelope and never take no for an answer.