What I Learned My First Week Interning

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What I Learned My First Week Interning

This summer I have been interning at Copious Management, a photography management company that specializes in advertisements for music, film, and entertainment. Since this is my first internship ever, I learned about not only about my specific company but how internships work in general. Over the first week, I worked with compiling digital and analog portfolios, creating promos for clients, archived call sheets, and business contacts, and played with the office dogs during my lunch break. It has been such a rewarding experience so far and I am so happy I landed this internship.

In the morning, before even coming into the office, I learned the importance of planning your route to your internship and leaving at least fifteen minutes before. Like with most large cities, Los Angeles is traffic heavy during the morning commute and it is important to be aware that a ten-mile drive could take you 45 minutes. Internships are your first step into the professional world and if you want to work for your company in the future it is especially imperative that you show how dedicated and reliable you are by being prompt.

Once at the internship, I was shown the different software that is used to archive call sheets and create promos for the company. For archiving, we use FileMaker to add contacts to the database and pull existing contact information when creating Call Sheets for clients. For creating the company promos, I used some basic features of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to resize and edit layouts. A promo is what a company sends out to potential clients asking for a certain style of photography and it consists of a small compilation of similar work by one of our photographers interested in the project. I loved learning how to create the promos because I was able to help determine which pictures were best fit to the mood and theme the client wanted. Furthermore, I found out the importance of the presentation of a photographer’s portfolio. Quite recently, many photographers have online portfolios of their work, but some tend to also keep an analog “portfolio book.” Portfolios have many different styles of the photographers work, typically highlighting their strongest works and diverse techniques used. I spent time rebinding two portfolio books containing the work of our photographer, Sheryl Nields.

Finally, I was able to understand this company’s overall style of working. Each company has a different feel to it and the hiring manager typically hires you when they believe you are an appropriate culture fit. Most people intern at a company they want to work for after and making sure you have a similar productivity flow and lifestyle is important to make note of. At Copious, for instance, the vibe can be described as clean, trendy, and young professional. This, to me, means that the everyone in the office understands that there is constant correspondence with our photographers and potential jobs, but we also understand that work can have a more relaxed feel (hence the two resident dogs, Mason and Arlo).

My first week at Copious was captivating and I can’t wait to see what I get to be involved with soon. I have much to learn about the advertising business and I am looking forward to having more hands-on experience in interacting with our photographers and clients and contributing to the overall process of creating ads.


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Donee Chin is currently a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Advertising and Dance. You can follow her Instagram here: @prima_donee