What I Learned From My Internship In London

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What I Learned From My Internship In London

This is a blog from Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Jo Beth, who attends Elon University. Jo Beth is active on campus and online. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. Jo Beth interned for Fearnhurst PR in London.

This spring I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in London, England for the entire semester. What drew me to the program was the chance to have an internship while abroad. Elon has a great relationship with a company over in London that actually sets you up with an internship in the field of your choice. As a communications major I knew I wanted to do something in PR or advertising and being in one of the fashion capitals of the world I decided to do an internship in fashion PR. I worked at Fearnhurst PR, a intimate PR company that has huge clients such as Pandora Jewelry and TOMS Shoes.  I learned so much not only about the fashion PR business but also about how different cultures work in business. I definitely encourage people who want to go abroad to look into getting an internship.

It looks great on a resume and is something unique about your work experience. When I talk about my abroad experience, interviewers always ask about my internship and what I learned from working there and being abroad. Being able to adapt quickly and work in a foreign location is a major skill that will not be over looked. It makes a great conversation starter!

A few tips:

1)     Its not paid. You need to get a visa and that takes several months to acquire.

2)    Check with your study abroad program to see if they have a partnership with any companies where you are going to be and get in contact with them immediately.

3)     When working abroad, always be careful of other customs that cultures might have. You do not want to make a mistake and say something that could be considered offensive to them.

4)     Be polite and professional always. I learned that my co-workers were very friendly with each other, and knew a lot about their personal lives. I believe that there is a time and place for everything and you don’t want to cross the professional boundaries.