What if I need to Turn Down an Internship?

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What if I need to Turn Down an Internship?

Q: Hi Lauren,

I am applying and interviewing for several internships for the fall semester.

I&m afraid that the facilities will assume I will accept it since I interviewed for it. However, I want some time to weigh my options before I decide. How do I maneuver this situation without breaking ties and being perceived as unprofessional?


A: Hi Laura!

I&m glad you are already on top of your fall applications! Unfortunately, you don&t always have too much time to decide on internship offers. Once you get the offer, I suggest that you use your best judgment and either accept the internship on the spot or ask them if you can have a week or so to decide and  get back to them since it&s  to early in the year. Make  sure you say, "thank you so much for the opportunity, do you mind if I take one week to make my final decision and get back to you?" If you feel that this statement might make them pull back the offer, go ahead and accept the position. If you get offered another position that you&d rather take and you think is better suited to your career needs, call the internship coordinator. Do not email the internship coordinator as it&s hard to get the right tone across over email. Thank them for their time, apologize, and tell them you received another offer that you think better suits your career goals and you wanted to let them know you would be unable to intern for the fall ASAP. This is an awkward situation but it happens all of the time - at the end of the day, you must do what is best for your career.

Good luck! You will be amazing!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"