What I'm Learning From My NYC Internship

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What I'm Learning From My NYC Internship

This blog is written by Cari, our University of Georgia Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. Cari is a public relations and sociology major.

When I came to New York City last week to begin my internship, I had no idea what to expect.  Moving from Georgia to New York was a huge change and it was hard to adjust.  After a week and a half, I have figured out to get around in the city and, more importantly, how to handle my new internship.  As a digital intern for a publishing company, I am learning a lot and working hard every day, and I am loving every minute of it.  It has definitely not been easy, however, so I have compiled a list of helpful hints and tips that every intern could use to get the most from their internships.

1) Timing is Everything

Every internship will require working different hours, but it is very important to be early, at least at the beginning of the internship.  Being early shows that you are dedicated to the job and ready to work hard, even if it is early in the day.  Not only will this really impress your boss, but also allows you to be given more opportunities since you are in the workplace for a longer time.  Therefore, plan your route a day or two before your internship starts so that you can be on time (those subways can be very tricky!).

2) Speak Up

I’ll admit it… I’m shy at first.  Once you get to know me, I’m very outgoing but I have a tendency to be quiet when I am around new people in a new setting.  For this internship, however, I knew I needed to break out of my shell and be outgoing from the start.  Ask questions, seem interested and get to know those you work with from the start and you will make a great impression!

3) Write It Down

To get course credit for my internship, I am required to keep a blog of what I am doing.  However, I think it is beneficial for all interns to keep a journal of what they do throughout the duration of their internship.  That way, you’ll remember the little things you learned that you will use in the future and you will be able to physically see how you have grown.  You could even turn your journal into a blog and show future employers the skills that you acquired in past internships.

4) Never Say Never

Any time an opportunity arises, TAKE IT!  Employers love to see ambition and enthusiasm, so you should volunteer to do any task that is available.  Of course, don’t spread yourself too thin and overdo your workload.  Just be open to doing things that you normally would not, no matter how mundane, and you will be an impressive intern.

5) Learn Something

The most important thing is for you to learn.  Sure it’s great to be in a professional environment where you get to dress up and meet cool people, but an internship is more than that.  As an intern, you are there to learn all that you can about whatever industry you are in.  You are there to network with others so that you can build connections that will be beneficial in the future.  You are there to work, no matter how glamorous your job may be, so that you will learn and grow into a valuable asset for any company.