Where to Live in Los Angeles While Interning This Summer

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Where to Live in Los Angeles While Interning This Summer

I get it – you want to intern in LA but you have nowhere to stay! I’ve been in your situation. And yes, Los Angeles can be trickier when it comes to internship housing than New York. But it’s still doable – in fact, I interned in Los Angeles for two summers in a row! Here are a few options for you!

1. UCLA offers summer housing for students who are in your situation. You'll need an official summer internship letter and a copy of your college ID. You call UCLA's housing office: 310-206-7011 and let them know your situation. Once all these documents are sent in, it will be reviewed. For more information: http://bit.ly/1cBSKnO

2. Looking online for student sublets (students going to USC that might be
going home for the summer and might need to sublet their space)

3. Craigslist (be careful with this one - have your family help)

4. Corporate Housing Companies like Equity Corporate Housing or Oakwood
Worldwide - these can be a little pricey but if you are splitting with a
friend it could be more reasonable. Here is the link for Equity: http://www.equityapartments.com/california/los-angeles-apartments.aspx

And here’s a link to several corporate housing sites: http://www.corporatehousing.com/default.asp

5. Find out if your school has a program. Ask your advisor if your school has a program where students from a specific major come out to Los Angeles for the summer. Many times the film school or communications school has a program like this and the university will help with student housing.

6. Find a roommate. All of the corporate housing options can get very expensive (even Craigslist can get pricey). When I went out to LA for the summer from Florida, my friend and I (from UCF), decided we would split the cost of subletting one room over the summer. We shared a room in Los Angeles in an apartment that cost about $700 per month. This way, the two of us were only paying $350 each per month. We stayed in LA for two months. This really helped us cut down on cost and save money.