Where Will You Travel Next?

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Where Will You Travel Next?

Can you believe we're almost through the first month of 2014? In addition to internships, I'm sure you're all thinking about your spring breaks and summer travel. I want to make sure you're aware of our new partner company, Contiki!

Contiki provides trips of a lifetime for 18-35's. They take care of everything so you can make every moment count. After all your late nights of studying and interning, you definitely deserve a little adventure. Plus, Contiki is more than just a vacation. With Contiki, you'll learn a thing or two about different countries, meet travelers your age, and gain new perspective -- so technically you'll get cultured while having the time of your life. Now that's what I call making every moment count!

Not sure where you’d like to go? Take Contiki’s Travel Spirit Animal Quiz to find out the perfect trip for your innate nature. From now until February 14th take the quiz, earn $350 off a Contiki trip, and enter to win a $500 Contiki travel voucher! Get more details and take the quiz HERE.

Post your quiz results in the comments below and there just may be some Contiki swag coming your way :)

Happy Travels!