Who Run the World? Girls!

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Who Run the World? Girls!

This blog is written by Katie, our campus ambassador from the University of Georgia! Katie is the director of a female hip hop company called Sweet Dreams!

There is just something powerful about a business run by an all female team. Inspired by Beyonce’s Who Runs The World, I wanted to reflect on my summer internship experience, and share some exciting news with you all. This summer, I had the privilege of interning at Step Ahead Inc., a small business dedicated to providing exposure for their clients using traditional public relations and social media campaigns. The team is made up of four incredible women. This summer they took two interns under their wings, Isabella Palmer and Katie Otto (that’s me!).

Twenty nine percent of firms in the United States are run by females, and this number is expected to grow. It is predicted that by 2018, woman run businesses will create anywhere from 5 to 5.5 million new jobs in the U.S. What is more exciting than the number of jobs being created is the quality of work being produced. Women run firms encourage a more horizontally managed work environment, where each member’s ideas will be heard and valued. In 2010, Forbes posted an article centered on woman run businesses. The author found that female small-business owners “were more externally focused than their male counterparts” and “were more open to taking advice and deriving valuable information from others.”

In a field like public relations, external focus is of primary concern. The Step Ahead team is committed to keeping their clients happy by providing only the best service and fostering meaningful relationships online and off. I was so impressed by their never-ending quest to stay a “step ahead” in the social media, PR, and technology fields. I received a daily email with a slew of articles centered around the latest industry buzz.

The team was also very open to new ideas. I always felt comfortable shouting out an opinion during our brainstorming sessions.  This sort of openness in the office served as a catalyst for creating some awesome and effective campaigns for our clients.

I encourage you to find internship positions where your ideas are valued and heard, with a company committed to your learning experience. I have so valued my experience in Charleston, and have been so inspired by the girl power in the office. I also encourage every one of you to consider the fact that you are a power house in the office, and are a force to be recognized. Keep working hard interns!