Why The CASE ASAP Conference Was Amazing This Year

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Why The CASE ASAP Conference Was Amazing This Year blog image

Why The CASE ASAP Conference Was Amazing This Year

This blog post was written by Caitlin Pfaff, our Campus Ambassador from Florida State University.

I was honored to attend the national CASE ASAP (Council for Advancement and Support of Education Affiliated Student Advancement Programs) Conference in Indianapolis this year. Students throughout the country traveled to Indianapolis to be able to network with other students, learn more about student advancement programs, present about their organization, and discover how to further develop their organization and University. Many of the organizations that attend are focused on student/alumni interaction, fundraising, athletics, and overall support for the University.

There were some great ideas I took away from the conference. I was able to see what other Universities are doing to continue advancing their institution and higher education. Kansas State has developed an outstanding program to support their own students, K-State Proud. Penn State has a phenomenal program, Lion Ambassadors, who serve as representatives of their University in multiple capacities.

While I was reflecting on the conference during my flight back to Tallahassee, one of the most important lessons I took away was the importance of collaboration. Conferences like these aren’t coordinated for people to travel and have fun, even though that’s a nice perk. They are designed to allow people to come together, learn from each other, and collaborate to make their communities and groups the best they can be and maximize their potential. Not only is it important to learn, but it’s important to share.

Have you had the opportunity to attend any conferences? How do you collaborate with others? What are some things you do to maximize the potential of those around you?