Why The Cast of the Jersey Shore Could Land An Internship

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Why The Cast of the Jersey Shore Could Land An Internship

This blog is written by our Notre Dame Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Heather.

Even Intern Queens procrastinate.  I have waited until the last minute to finish a blog that is due tomorrow, so I am up late writing while watching TV. And is often the case when writing against a deadline, inspiration has come from an unlikely source. In this case, Jersey Shore. So, I have scratched my original idea for this blog and instead I will be creating career advice based on the ever-enlightening Jersey Shore reality TV show.

Why the cast of Jersey Shore could land an internship:

  • They’re resourceful. In the latest episode, J-Woww uses the side of a pasta press to grind her coffee beans when she discovers there is no grinder in the house. That innovation is what employers are looking for, people! They want interns who can think for themselves and come up with solutions on their own.
  • They leave early in order to get to work on time. Our favorite American friends know they have no clue where they are going in Italy and they know they can hardly read the map. So Vinny and Pauly D make the gang leave early so they have time to deal with the inevitable – getting lost with no ability to comprehend directions given to them by people on the street. You should do the same.  This is the time to be a pessimistic – always plan for the worst-case scenario. You WILL hit traffic and you WILL take a wrong turn and you WILL run out gas. Plan your time accordingly.
  • They’re not afraid to ask for what they want. They don’t just wait around for opportunities to fall into their laps. The Situation wants a girl who is DTF – he’ll call one up and invite her over. Take the initiative to speak up for yourself and you will gain control over your future!

Why the cast of Jersey Shore could NOT land an internship:

  • Bad publicity. Just IMAGINE what shows up when an employer googles them or checks out those FB photos. Ronnie French-kissing two girls at once? You’re not getting a callback, buddy. And neither will you if those partying pics are up for the world to see.
  • They don’t understand the employee-employer dynamic. Snooki thinks her boss at the pizzeria in Florence, Italy needs to learn more English so he can teach her to make a pizza. Um, hello! You are in Italy – you’re gonna need to learn the language. As the newest member of any workforce, you need to do everything in your power to fit into the culture there, whether that’s learning the language or learning the dress code.
  • They can’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Mistakes happen, and employers know that. You grow from them and it makes you a better employee because you know what to do the next time around. Unless, of course, you are Ronnie and Sammi. Then you keep trying to get back together when it is blatantly obvious that you need a buffer of at least two of your orange fake-tanned housemates. Prove that while you might slip up, you won’t make the same mistake again. Instead, you will have the experience to handle a similar situation better than anyone else because you know what not to do.

My mom always said, “If you can’t be a good example, at least be a horrible warning.” Whether you think Jersey Shore is an example to be emulated or a warning not to be ignored, there’s one thing you just cannot deny. Jersey Shore is definitely an educational show…am I right? Can I get a fist pump?