Why a To-Do List is Your Best Friend

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Why a To-Do List is Your Best Friend

Kyshira Moffett is a fourth year student in a five year MBA program at Hampton University. Currently she serves as a staff member at Hampton University's Career Center and she also leads their Ambassador's program among other activities. She has had four corporate internships and this summer will intern with PNC Bank in Pittsburgh. Follow her on twitter @2MovesAhead.

As we all know, college life can be hectic. Trying to balance homework, extracurricular activities and the internship hunt can be overwhelming at times. We all seek some sort of strategy to successfully balance our activities and personal life but we tend to overlook an easy solution.

A simple to-do list can be your best friend. Being able to write down your task and cross them off as you complete them gives you a feeling of organization and accomplishment. You can utilize your planner, wall calendar, Excel spreadsheet, dry erase board, smart phone or plain pad & paper to write down your list.

There are several strategies to beginning your to-do list. You can choose to simply write down everything you need to accomplish and check things off as you finish. Or, you can write down your task in order of importance to give yourself some organization.

Some people may like to color code their task i.e everything that needs to be done today is in red ink, things that need to be done within the next 3 days blue ink etc. Decide which strategy works for you and go with it. Though some of us like to believe that we can remember everything and we don't need to write everything down, some things can slip between the cracks. Go ahead and try it today!