Why I love the Intern Queen Community

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Why I love the Intern Queen Community

This guest post was written by Sara Monica Gaona, a former Intern Queen Campus Ambassador for Fairleigh Dickinson University. Sara graduated this May with a BA in Communications with minors in Public Relations & Sociology. She has a blog called Small Chick Big Deals (http://smallchickbigdeals.com/) and is currently a Publicist at Gail Schoenberg Public Relations in Rutherford, NJ. You can tweet her @sierrax0x or from her blog @smchickbigdeals!

Being a part of the Intern Queen Campus ambassador program was probably one of the best decisions I made in my life. It’s crazy to think just about a year ago I saw the Intern Queen Facebook page on my friend’s page, liked it and couldn’t get off of it. I saw posts about the ambassador program, read some blogs and knew this was something I had to be a part of. I applied and got into the program, but little did I know how much I would learn from Lauren and my fellow ambassadors during my time in the program.

If it wasn’t for the program, I don’t believe I’d necessarily be where I am today. Throughout my time as an ambassador it was great to know I had my #internqueenfamily there for me. I was always trying to schedule meet-ups with other local ambassadors and my predecessor. We ended up having 1 or two meet-ups as a group in the city. Lauren was at one of the meet-ups too! I met with my predecessor every so often and ended up connecting with the Montclair State University and we’d meet at least once a month. It made me realize how much of a proactive person I am and great to know other peers as driven as myself.

One of the duties as an ambassador was to blog once a month. When I first started it could be on anything until they started having different committees for us. When it came to picking a committee I chose the food and little would I know that would change my life. Since I was on the committee I decided it would be smart to have a blog where I could use entries from that for my entries (about 4 are on both). I also saw some other ambassadors had them and they were doing well. I made my blog that October and really launched and bought the domain for it in January before the committees began.

Little did I know that having my blog would change my life and truly help me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve been able to get in touch with people I could only dream about. My blog is called Small Chick Big Deals (http://smallchickbigdeals.com) is all about finding deals in NJ/NYC for a decent price, at the time I was on a college budget which is now a post-grad budget. I made a Facebook and Twitter page for it. The job I’m currently at actually found me at the perfect time while I was job searching because they saw the Twitter and my page and liked it. I achieved my career goal, which was to find a job in public relations after college. I continue to blog and am achieving goals with that as well. But I don’t want to spill any secrets, just read and you’ll find out.

I highly recommend anyone who is proactive, loves being part of your campus community, and most of all being apart of the Intern Queen community. Lauren has given me so much encouragement and continues to as a post grad. If it weren’t for her testimony I don’t think I would be where I am today. I love that she doesn’t believe in “No” as an answer and that you can achieve what you want if you really want it. I’m living proof and know from experience that you should NEVER give up. I feel so fortunate that I can make the Intern Queen party this year because it’s going to be a great event! See you there!