Why Internships are a MUST in 2015!

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Why Internships are a MUST in 2015!

If you're an avid InternQueen.com reader, you clearly understand the value of an internship. You may have already completed and internship (or 10!) and are confidently looking toward graduation with a Rolodex full of professional contacts and job prospects galore. 

But maybe you're just finding us and still have your doubts. I want you to understand just how important internships are for students in 2015. Did you know that, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 73% of employers are looking for candidates with prior internship experience? That's huge!!

Dream Careers, a company that helps match students to -- you guessed it -- their dream internships, fills us in on the top four reasons you should intern before graduation:

1. Get a Better Job -- Faster. Even in today’s technology-driven job search world, it still matters who you know. An internship will help you create strategic relationships with professionals in your industry. That way, when graduation comes, you'll have contacts at a variety of companies who are familiar with your ambition, skills and hard work -- and they'll be knocking onyour door. 

2. Get a Competitive Edge. Internships provides tangible and valuable work experience in your field. While curriculum at school will teach you principles and ways to approach business situations, there is no substitute for hands-on work experience in your industry. It’s the key difference you need to outshine other college grads when competing for your first job. Dream Careers can help place you in top internships all over the world! Check out their list of internships HERE

3. Boost Your Confidence. You know you can make a huge impact on the world, given the right opportunity. Here's your chance to prove your capabilities to yourself and future employers. By spending the summer living and interning in a major city, you'll gain confidence and learn things about yourself that will maximize your opportunities after graduation.

4. Invest in Yourself. You've invested in your education -- now invest in yourself! Interning shows that you're willing to invest the time to build the relationships, knowledge and experience to achieve your dream career.  Over 70% of Dream Careers alumni received a job offer from the company they interned after their successful summer internship experience!


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