Why it took me 8 months to land my first internship?

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Why it took me 8 months to land my first internship? blog image

Why it took me 8 months to land my first internship?

This blog is written by Ashley our campus ambassador from the University of South Florida. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Leadership Studies.

Have you ever applied to an internship that took you forever to get or to finally get a response? Well, you are not the only one.  My first internship was in radio promotions at WMIB 103.5 FM Miami (now 103.5 Super X a full Hispanic station) back in 2008.  My first internship took me almost 8months to get! Looking back to that time, I realized with the information I know now I probably would have gotten that internship much sooner.

Back in 2008 I was attending Broward Community College, now Broward College working on my AA in Journalism. I was writing for my school newspaper, The Observer. The only experience on my resume besides working for my college newspaper was a seasonal job I held for about 3 years at WPBT Channel 2 during my later years of high school and early college. I knew I didn’t have an extensive amount of experience like now, but my resume wasn’t bare either.

Somehow, someway I felt the need to start interning. I do not know where that urge came from, but I’m glad it came. I guess it was realizing more and more what I wanted to do with my life professionally and knew what I had to do to get there. From that moment I knew the company where I wanted to intern for which was WMIB Miami. I did my research, but apparently I didn’t do it enough.

I found a contact email and name and started there and decided to reach out via email. I emailed the Executive Assistant of a higher power. The emails started back in January 2008 right up until September 2008. Yes we really did have countless amounts of conversations through email for that long period of time, talk about an extensive period of time! Till this day, I still have copies of the corresponding emails in my email.

After a very long, persistent and trying time I snagged an interview with two promotions coordinators from the station, who basically laid out what my duties would be! So instead of actually being interviewed, I was basically told the do’s, the don’ts and what my daily requirements/activities would be! I vividly remember one of the coordinators said to me, “I knew you would be my intern!” Of course I was beyond ecstatic, that it was official, I finally got my first internship I applied for after what it seemed to be forever.

Till this day, that has been one of my favorite internships to date! Similar to your ‘firsts’, like first kiss, first boyfriend, first love that you will never forget and will hold a special place in your heart, my first internship at WMIB will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’ve learned so much, I’ve grown from 2008 till now, both personally and professionally. My internship at WMIB was the stepping stone for me to continue numerous internships thereafter, which I will always be grateful for.

My lesson learned is to fully do your research. If I emailed the right person, like an internship coordinator perhaps the transition would have been quicker and smoother. But, despite how long it took, you must never give up on what you want and know that things happen for a reason, and if it is to be, it will be.

Don’t get discouraged and go after what you want in life! Happy interning!

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."-Bill Cosby