Why It's Important to Have an Idea Of What You Want to Do!

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Why It's Important to Have an Idea Of What You Want to Do! blog image

Why It's Important to Have an Idea Of What You Want to Do!

This blog was written by our Campus Ambassador from The Florida State University, Caitlin Pfaff. Caitlin is a Senior Marketing Major.

As I'm about to start my senior year, or the beginning of the end as I've been seeing it, I keep getting slammed with the question: "So, what do you want to do after you graduate?" All I can think in my head is, "I HAVE NO IDEA!"

From my different experiences in the past, I've gained exposure to different things that I do or do not like in the work place. My internships have helped me learn that I enjoy working on a team, I like being strategic minded on projects and that I like fields that include recruitment, public relations and marketing. But how can I say the things that I do and do not want in a potential job in the most graceful way possible?

I realized that the best way to do this would be to look further into my interests. I've spoken with people in fields that I'm interested in about their careers and what their role is in their respective company. I've done some research in regards to various job postings online (LinkedIn is a great place to start!) This gave me some great insight into some key job descriptions that I may be interested. Understanding their role in the company allows me to eloquently speak about myself and my interests at networking events and to potential employers, friends, acquaintances and family.

Following this little tip about what jobs consist of can allow you to have a better understanding of the workforce and how you can find your dream job :)