Why to Workout Together

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Why to Workout Together

This blog post is from Racquelle Francis, our Campus Ambassador from Seton Hall University.

People tend to do better if there is a goal they have to reach at the end. A great way to stay in shape is to have a competition between you and your friends. Here is a easy and fun step-by-step plan to start the fitness or weight-loss competition between you and your friends!

Step 1: Talk about goals you want to reach. Do you want to lose weight, gain more muscle tone, or just become a healthier person?

Step 2: Discuss a start and end date. You may want to do a 3-6 month competition. Also discuss what the 1st place winner’s prize will be. To make it even more fun, make a 2nd or 3rd place prize.

Step 3: Take each other’s measurements: chest measurements, waist and hip measurements, starting weight and BMI measurement.

Step 4: Go to a nutritionist and a trainer and see what the best plan for your body type would be to get healthy.

Step 5: Begin the competition and do check-ins to measure your progress every 2-3 weeks.

Don’t forget to encourage each other! You are each other's support system, and are there to guide each other along the way. It’s healthy to have a little competition!