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Winternship Essentials

This a blog by Danielle G., our Campus Ambassador from the University of Connecticut. Danielle is a Communications major with a concentration in Sociology. She will graduate in May.

As the months become colder we start switching out our flip flops for our Uggs and our light fleece jackets for our puffy winter ones. We find ourselves worrying about wind burn instead of sun burn and cannot leave the house with out a hat instead of sunglasses. Yes Mr. Winter is here and with that every intern needs to begin to think of the new essentials they will need while interning this winter.

  1. Hand Crème/Sanitizer

An intern should always carry portable hand sanitizer because of all the places and people we come into contact with on a daily basis. Riding the subway, grabbing lunch, touching door handles and computers, and just shaking hands is a great way to catch the nasty winter viruses, which could hinder your holidays and your interning work ethic. Since it is winter though try switching to a hand sanitizer that doubles as a lotion too. With less humidity in the air your skin becomes very dry lacking its usual moisture. No one wants to shake a crocodile hand so lotion them up and your hand will thank you.

  1. Portable Tissues

Even if you aren’t sick, going from the freezing temperatures outside to the warm buildings can cause your noise to run. You do not want to be the sniffling intern in a meeting or greet someone with a drippy nose. By carrying the little packs of tissues you will be able to compose yourself and your noise before even hitting the elevator. Bonus: These are also great if you find the wind makes your eyes tear. You wont have to worry about if your mascara is running because you could fix it with a tissue.

  1. Touch Screen Gloves

Finally our prayers have been answered. They now make affordable gloves with a different material on the fingertips that touch screens media devices are compatible with. This means that you no longer have to take off your gloves to answer your touch screen phones or change a song on your touch screen MP3 players. What’s even better is I found these gloves at Walmart in all different colors for just $3! These gloves are the greatest invention yet. They are definitely something every intern needs and can afford.

Winter can be a fun and exciting time. Even though the weather changes and it gets darker quicker, we seem to spend more time with our family and friends, curl up with the latest seasonal drinks (Gingerbread Latte anyone?) and take in all the holiday cheer. It is also a great time to try a Wintership! If you do, hopefully my 3 tips above will help you brave the weather. Happy Interning!