Word Vomit 101: 3 Things Interns Should not Say

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Word Vomit 101: 3 Things Interns Should not Say blog image

Word Vomit 101: 3 Things Interns Should not Say

Finally the perfect season for internships has arrived—IT’S SUMMER! Students everywhere are going near and far looking to gain experience in a variety of fields, but with every new adventure comes nervous jitters. Interns are trying their hardest to impress at their internships and sometimes slip ups happen. To ensure those slipups aren’t caused by your mouth here are three things never to say at your internship.

1. “I’m bored.”
We all know internships aren’t always full of fun, exciting activities but keep the complaining at meter at 0. Avoid the phrase “I’m tired,” as well. When you feel yourself getting drowsy, resist the urge to play Temple Run on your iPhone and go ask someone if they need help doing anything. You’ll look like a helpful, hardworking intern.

2. Any sentence that starts off with “Did you hear about…”
Didn’t you learn that lesson years ago? Loose lips DO sink ships, and any sentence sounding like that will have your ship down near the Titanic. You never know who’s listening at the water cooler, or the bathroom, or oh yeah even at the cubicle they placed you at over in the back. Exercise some restraint and keep the info you got about the mail guy and the Editor’s Assistant in the break room on the table to yourself, unless you’re searching for a new internship.

3. “I can’t wait to hit the club tonight!”
You’re in college, far away in NYC for the summer, heck yeah you’re going to go out. In the back of your employers’ minds they know this but they want to believe you’re a productive, responsible intern not the typical party-animal college student. So leave the party plan raving till after work with your friends (they’ll be more excited than your employees anyways!).

Every once in a while our brain takes a nap and we all want say these words and phrases ,but I hope this helps fight the urge! Happy trails, fellow interns!

This blog post was written by Alexis Reliford, a Campus Ambassador at Northwestern State Universtiy.