Words of Advice for Account Interns

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Words of Advice for Account Interns

This blog post is written by Paola, our campus ambassador from UT-Austin.

This semester I was able to continue my internship as an Account Executive in the advertising department of my university’s newspaper (UT Austin&s Daily Texan). Besides the creative side of an advertising department there are also the people who are in charge of selling the ad space, this is the area that I have been able to work in for the last 7 months. If you are considering getting an internship in this area for next Spring or Summer here are some tips that I have learned through my experience (which I really wish somebody had told me when I first started!).:

  1. Never, ever assume. I cannot count the times in which I have assumed my client knows something such as a payment deadline or artwork guideline and in the end they do not. This simple mistake has left me having to work in a time crunch (which only ends in more white hair or stress that could have been avoided) or having to kill the ad, which ultimately is a loss-loss for you and your client.
  2. Establish a relationship with your client. Of course this is easier said than done especially when most of the time you do not meet your client face to face. Try to be attentive, send emails regularly to see how they are doing, holiday e-cards, or thank you letters for their business. Customers like to feel they are being cared for and this results in them putting more trust in you as a caretaker for their advertisement/money.
  3. Last but not least, socialize. Get along with the people in your office! This will not only make your time there much more enjoyable but you never know when you will need to call one of your co-workers to put in artwork for you or to contact one of your clients because something is missing. Aside from that, they can also help you if a problem arises and give you advice from their previous experience.

    These 3 simple tips will really pay off in the end, and remember that you get as much out of it as you put it into it! Good luck!