Work Outfits meet City Nightlife: Make it Happen

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Work Outfits meet City Nightlife: Make it Happen

This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from the University of New Hampshire.

Professional dress is flattering but it is often not fitting for a night out on the town. Rest assured there are multiple ways you can fix this!

1. Wear an appropriate length (and styled) open backed dress with a sweater to work. When you go out at night take off the sweater and reveal your sexy style: . Choosing this option however does have its limits, as you cannot take your sweater of during the day, it would be unprofessional.

2. Pack your bag in the morning for the night! Add a fun belt, scarf, or earrings to jazz up your work outfit! Going from studs to dangly earrings makes any outfit sparkle.

3. You can also pack extra makeup such as eyeliner or eye shadow in your bag to jazz up your look to be nighttime ready. Think bare eyes gone smoky!

4. At the office, my long hair and I do not get along. Nine times out of ten, it finds its way into a messy bun at the nape of my neck. When you are leaving the office, take your hair down and let the carefree attitude ensue.

5. Change your shoes, a sure way to spice up any outfit. Daytime work shoes are often plain colored, such as black or tan, change it up with a pair of patterned pumps, pair of sling backs, or strappy sandals.

6. Leave your sweater at the office or in your car come the end of the day and show off your arms.

7. Kick up your heels and head out on the town.