Working “Me Time” Into Your Schedule

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Working “Me Time” Into Your Schedule

This blog was written by Kaitlyn Smith, our previous Campus Ambassador at Drexel University.

Sometimes our days are too packed to even consider scheduling time for lunch let alone "me time", but this shouldn't happen often! You need time to relax and regroup. Set yourself as your main priority and make it a little easier for yourself to schedule "me time" by following these tips.

Managing your time efficiently is the best way to ensure that you will squeeze in some time for yourself. I highly suggest keeping a planner and recommend one that already has time slots, so you can estimate how long you will be spending on each task and if you wil have time to schedule anything else. Try to factor in how long it will take you to do homework and eat so you can pencil yourself in for some "me time" in the planner.

I try to leave myself with at least half an hour every day to read, paint my nails or check out my favorite blogs.

This might sound contradictory but make plans with someone else. I consider the classes I take at the gym and the time I take to get my nails or hair done as "me time," and I am way more likely to do these things if I make plans with my friends to do them together. It's much harder to break a commitment with your friends than with yourself. So if you're really finding it difficult to schedule some time for yourself, make sure to include them!  

Finally, my last suggestion is that you can commit yourself to "me time" by signing up for a class. I always buy my yoga classes ahead of time as a way of committing myself to going to them. I don't want to waste my hard earned cash and I'm always glad that I made the effort to go.

Having time with yourself to regroup is helpful and can lead to relaxation and ease you need to succeed at work!