Workout With the BodyBugg!

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Workout With the BodyBugg!

This blog was written by Caitlin Beck, our Fordham Campus ambassador. Caitlin is currently a Junior majoring in Communications.

Working out is not always the task that I am looking forward to doing the most but there are definitely electronics that make it more enjoyable and easier. Besides my iPod and a water bottle, I do not usually bring anything else with me on my workout… that is until I bought the Bodybugg.

I like to think of the bodybugg as being my personal assistant at the gym. It keeps track of the calories that your burn but it also keeps track of the calories that you consume on a daily basis. I find that the bugg helps me maintain my weight, and to make sure that I am not over indulging unknowingly. The bugg also keeps track of the steps that you are taking throughout the day for the most accurate reading on your daily activities.

My favorite part of the bodybugg is that it can connect to my iPhone, which makes keeping track of the calories that I have consumed that much easier. A helpful tip is to not wait before logging the food that you have consumed that way you do not forget to add it later on. The bodybugg is rechargeable and is compatible with both PC’s and Mac’s and is available online and at 24 hour fitness’s.

The bodybugg has four sensors that work together to give you the ultimate read on your workout. The heat sensor measures how much heat is being given off from your body. There is one to measure your skin temperature to see how much you are sweating, one to measure skin conductivity and finally a sensor to measure motion.

The bodybugg is a must for anyone who is looking for the easiest way to manage weight or to see the breakdown of their workouts.