Yikes! Now I Have Two Internship Offers....

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Yikes! Now I Have Two Internship Offers....


Q: (from @bmehciz) @InternQueen What should I do if I just excepted an internship and was offered my dream internship right after? can I do 2 at once? ahhh!

A: Hi Brittany! Thanks for tweeting. Do not worry. We can fix this issue. First, you have to know that this is very common. Many students apply for more than one internship (and I suggest they do!). And sometimes, you get so excited about that first offer that you say yes right off the bat. OR you don't think you will land another opportunity so you say yes to the first thing that comes your way. My previous blog entry talks about quitting an internship which I never recommend. However, if you haven't started the internship yet, that's another story. Here are your two options:

1. Find out the time commitments from both internships. If they both only want a few hours per week, you might be able to do both. Check your school schedule and make sure you have enough time for eating, sleeping, studying, and being somewhat social - if you have the time - go for it! I doubled and tripled up on my internships because I learned how different office environments and different industries were run.

2. Call up the internship coordinator who offered you the first position. I really suggest a call over an email because it's that much more personal. Be honest. Tell the woman that you were offered another opportunity that you really think is a great fit for you. Tell them how wonderful you think their company is and how sorry you are for any inconvenience you've caused. Tell them you'd love to stay in touch and actually stay in touch with them. You never know when another opportunity at that company might come your way or where that internship coordinator could end up.