You Are What You Wear

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You Are What You Wear

This blog was written by Sierra our High School Ambassador for Lee M Thurston High School. If you are in High School and would like to blog for our site please comment below!

Thinking about wearing your favorite pearls today? Or what about that new bag that everyone loves? Before you run to your favorite staple, have you ever thought about what your favorite clothing says about you?

When we buy things, we do so because they appeal to us, they represent us. What we wear can tell people whether we’re laid back, outgoing, or funny. When you open your closet, what do you see? Your style relates your personality! So what’s your style?

Classic/Authentic: If you have a classic style, then you’re most likely a conservative person who loves perfection. You pride yourself in self-control. You don’t care much for trends; you find them irrelevant and unnecessary, and you prefer darker, plain colors over patterns or prints.

Trendy: If you’re a trendy person, you pay a lot of attention to what you are wearing. Your wardrobe has both trendy and basic pieces. For you, following trends is very important, because you like to be the center of attention. You dress to impress both men and women, and you always like standing out from the crowd.

Rebel Flare: You are a creative type who loves to play with styles and fabrics by mixing modern clothing items with vintage ones in the most unique way. You are not afraid to show your real personality and express your opinions, even if sometimes they differ from that of others. To you, freedom is key, and you reject any type of stereotypes.

Bohemian: You are a laid back and carefree individual. You have never been a uptight person, and you probably like to “go with the flow.” You don’t pay much attention to trends, yet you always seem to look so carelessly put together. You dress optimistic and ready to take on anything.

Whatever style you rock, people will automatically get a feel as to what type of person you are. So next time you put on your favorite outfit, wear it with pride. And the next time you open your closet, take a deeper look into the deeper meaning.