You Can Still Intern Abroad this Summer! Here's How!

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You Can Still Intern Abroad this Summer! Here's How! blog image

You Can Still Intern Abroad this Summer! Here's How!

Each week I highlight all of the awesome new internship opportunities on the site. As we get closer to summer, more and more students are asking me if it's too late to intern abroad this summer. My answer? Not at all! There are still a ton of organizations with internship slots available in places from Madrid and London to Buenos Aires. Interning or studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences during your college career. Take a look at the opportunities below and plan your adventure of a lifetime!

1. PINC Internship

Professional Internships for Networking & Connections is a female-focused summer internship program in Madrid, Spain. Students can either apply to an 8-week internship or a 3-week immersion program. PINC believes that empowering and educating young women is the key to building confident, inspiring, and innovative minded women of the future! #launchingleadership. Learn more about their programs HERE and apply HERE.

2. Gap Journey

Gap Journey offers internship placements specifically tailored to each applicant in the following destinations: Buenos Aires, London, New York and Ecuador. The program includes: helping you lock in your internship position, housing, 24/7 support, pick up at airport, events, city info, transportation card and cell phone. Apply below:

3. Rio EnCantos

Rio EnCantos is a grassroots tour and exchange agency in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Interns will find many opportunities to work with startups and local businesses in the area. For more information visit their site HERE and apply HERE.

4. City Internships

City Internships connects students with internship programs across the globe, ensuring all participants improve their career prospects while making the most of an amazing host city. They now operate programs in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. City Internships will help you to explore your chosen career path, develop industry specific skills and knowledge, and increase your professional network – simultaneously helping you to focus the direction of your career and increase your appeal to future employers. Apply HERE.

5. The Intern Group

The Intern Group is an award winning organization that provides internship programs in London, Madrid, Latin America, Hong Kong and Australia. Check out all the amazing opportunities & apply below:

6. Study Abroad Europe

Study Abroad Europe specializes in connecting students with universities and schools abroad in 9 European countries for short and long period study abroad programs. The duration of this internship depends on the student and is a paid internship. Apply at the links below:

7. Dream Careers

Dream Careers offers global, all-inclusive internship programs for college students. Each program offers a fun, safe, and exciting way for college students to experience living and working in 11 of the most dynamic cities in the world. The programs include housing, meals, networking seminars, weekend trips, academic credit, career coaching, and customized internship placements. Apply below: