You, Your Friend and That Internship

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You, Your Friend and That Internship

So what happens when you and your friend apply to your dream internship? Answer: Never speak to them again, and stop being friends immediately.

Kidding. Obviously. Let’s talk about what to do when your friend is offered that position, and you have been rejected.

#1 Breathe
At Intern Queen, we know how much it sucks not getting your dream internship. There are a lot of questions that’ll go through your mind on why you were passed up. It gets even tougher when you know the person and their qualifications the company selected. So, breathe first. Maybe do some yoga, I’ve heard that helps calm people.

#2 Take 5
Take five minutes to reflect by yourself. If you need to cry, go ahead, we all need a good cry sometimes. If you need to be angry, do it, just don’t take it out on others and especially your friend. Everyone has different ways to vent, and its better to get it out than keep it in. after five minutes, get over it. Tell yourself, “I vented, I’m over it, and it’s time to move on to the next greatest thing.” If you’re with them when you both hear the news, smile and take five later when you’re alone.

#3 remember
• The cliché: When one door closes, another one opens. You may find another internship that changes your life. You never know what will happen, but as long as you keep an open mind, you will find other opportunities!
• Your friend getting the internship can benefit you! The people you network with today in the industry you want a career in will likely be people you will meet again in the future. Networking in your industry is never a bad thing!
• And here are 19 people having a worse day than you!

#4 Celebrate
Celebrate your friend’s achievement! Wouldn’t you want the same? Buy them dinner or a drink (if you’re both legal, obviously).

This blog post was written by Deena Darwan, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.