Your Guide to Internship Housing

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Your Guide to Internship Housing

So you just found your perfect summer internship, in the perfect location, and you’re all set to go, except for one very important thing: Where are you going to live? Below are some great housing options for internships wherever they may be!

1. New York City – The city that never sleeps, it’s the perfect place to spend your summer interning and living in one of the following options:
a. New York University – NYU offers summer housing in three of their dorms. Their application is now available, and requires a deposit that is fully refundable until early May.
b. NYC Intern – NYC Intern is a program that offers fully furnished housing to student interning in the NYC area. The application for Summer 2013 is currently available. Visit for more information.

2. Los Angeles – The hot sun, the gorgeous mountain, it’s an awesome place to spend the summer interning and living and any of the following options:
a. UCLA – housing is available at UCLA as long as you are enrolled in a class at the University. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to intern and get some credits at the same time.
b. National Corporate Housing – This is a program that helps people find temporary housing not matter where they are. Their apartments are fully furnished, and they work with you to find one in your location. Email for more information.

3. Washington D.C – if your interning in the White house, or somewhere else in this fabulous city, the following housing options are great for this area:
a. WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing) – This is a great program specifically for students interning in the area. Students will live in intern only buildings during their stay, this way they can network with other students who are spending the summer interning as well.
b. The Washington Intern Housing Network – This is a great site that has many apartments and townhouses for rent specifically for interns in the local area. There application for Summer 2013 is not yet available.

If your summer internship location is not listed here, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to find housing no matter where you’re going. First, try Google. Google pops up many companies that offer summer housing for interns. Second, look up University’s in the surrounding areas. Many of the Universities offer summer housing for interns. And finally, try National Corporate Housing, they may be able to help you find completely furnished housing no matter where you’re going. Good luck with your search!

This blog post was written by Victoria Rihl, our Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University.