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This blog was written by Amanda Gallucci, a Campus Ambassador at Providence College. She is a Senior English major and Business minor. Follow her on Twitter @agalluch.

When I was getting off the train today I overheard a conversation that disturbed me. An intern was describing to her friend how she had not eaten lunch all week because no one in her office told her the break policy. From what she could tell, no one took a lunch break and she barely noticed if people had been eating at their desks. She explained how it made her extremely uncomfortable to ask about eating lunch when it seemed that everyone else was functioning just fine without it.

It upsets me to think that no one in the office, whether an intern coordinator or any other employee, let the intern know about taking a lunch break. However, what seems worse to me is how uncomfortable the girl felt about talking to the people in her office about something so basic and important.

As an intern you should be an independent and confident addition to the team. While its always important to know your place and understand your role, it is equally crucial to stand up for yourself and be assertive in a positive way.

As we’ve covered on the Intern Queen blog numerous times before, eating healthy is really important even when and especially when you’re stressed and busy. Learning through observation is undeniably a critical part of internships, but just because you may not see other people taking a break does not mean that you should not take a break. Make sure from the start of your internship that you clearly know the policies about when you are allowed to take a break and for how long, so that your internship can be not only a learning experiencing but an enjoyable one, too.