Your Internship Homework For This Weekend!

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Your Internship Homework For This Weekend!

Dear Interns,

This has been an amazing week. I had the opportunity to meet so many motivated students at Syracuse University and Hobart & William Smith Colleges - I was truly blown away. I want to thank everyone for coming out (in the snow) to see me. I want to give a special thank you to Joe Ambrosetti, Jennifer Pluta, and Dan Klamm from HWS and SU for making my visit so amazing. The career center at SU said they didn&t think that many students would come out unless it was a rock concert! I also want to thank my lovely Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Thai, for helping with the Syracuse visit and Molly from Ed2010 for setting up the fabulous meet-up with Syracuse&s ED2010. Read what Ed2010 wrote about my visit HERE. I was also lucky enough to have lunch with some of Syracuse University&s Entrepreneur Club and I was so impressed by the young talent I ate with (which included the owner of YourMark Chocolates!)

I&m so sorry that I had to cancel the MIZZOU visit but I promise I will be back in a few weeks. We are already looking at dates and should have something to announce by next week! Next week I&m going to pay a visit to Morgantown and meet the fabulous students at West Virginia University and then speak at Wabash to visit my favorite Wabash Men at their Entrepreneur Summit event.

As for this weekend, I hope you all continue to take the internships search seriously. More than that, take yourselves seriously. Take this weekend to look over and really refine your internship application materials - specifically, your resume and cover letter. Make sure they are up to par. If you need help, check out these blogs...

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Lets try to get these cleaned up by Monday so that you can really start to customize them for the employer&s you are interested in. Good luck and have a great weekend. Thanks for making my week amazing.

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"